Confronting a System Designed to Perpetually and indefinitely Exterminate Yesah Natives

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Native Genocide System

One Drop Rule

Genociding Natives via Slavery

The Effects of Paper and Identity Genocide on Yesah People in Virginia

The Logic and Science of Self-Extermination at the Behest of White Supremacists

Other Components of the genocidal System

Native Tribes Embrace Reduced Native Population

White people, the media, the bureaucracy and Gov:

Black People Resist Natives on the East Coast from Being Reclassified from Light Skinned Black people to Natives.

Black people don't want Natives, who currently identify as Black to identify as Native, because this reduces their population numbers and thus political power.
Southern Natives Resist being Classified as Natives

Southern Natives don't want to identify as Native because they perceive it as lowering their class and status in the world.

Southern Natives from identified Native Communities Resist Southern Natives from outside of these communities from being Classified as native   

Natives who identify as Black dont want to identify as Native because they perceive it as lowering their class and status in the world.

Ending the Genocide

1492 the earth was given to white people for their pleasure and at the expense of Brown people..  pull from the post. 

This study shows that white people do not feel emptahy when seeing brown people suffer.  It is a given in their minds that everything should come to them.


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Since 1492 the intent of the invading Europeans was land and wealth theft from the indigenous people. including the Yesah people of Virginia, by any means necessary.  This means including genocide, holocaust,  lies, deceit, manipulation, mass murder ethnic cleansing, .They had just come out of the European Dank ages of mass murder, lawlessness, theft, continuous, genocides, disease, filth, torture, terrorism.  Why do none of our schools or history books teach this about the the theft and holocaust against Natives?  Because much of Native and Yesah Native history is hidden from us, through in plain sight, 

For example as a norm when reading history regarding natives we hear the term "hostile" and when white people are referred we hear "settlers".  This is a bold white supremacist lie and defies logic and common sense.  If people break into your house and are raping and killing your family, they are the hostile people.  You, the people peacefully living in your house, are the settled people. You have been settled in your nice warm house for decades or centuries.  How can you possibly be hostile when you are merely defending your family in your home. 

To speak with euphemisms when speaking about what the white people did to our grand parents is to dishonor, disrespect and betray our grand parents of hundreds of generations. We have an obligation to tell the simple honest truth.  One of the things hidden in plain sight is a system of Native genocide that exist directly before our eyes.

This system is designed to perpetually and indefinitely exterminate and genocide Natives in the USA including Yesah Natives. Its roots go all of the back to 1492 and 1601. This system today has many components including the state and federal recognition systems, that work to keep the native population artificially low.  It also has other components such as virtually all ethnic groups working against most Natives being identified as Natives as well as federally recognized and state recognized tribes working against most Natives being recognized as Native.  

Engineers design products, machines, programs and systems, such as cars or computers or refrigerators and computer programs, to do very specific things. This engineering is done by designing certain components to do certain functions and then integrating those components together to create a whole system to do specific things.  And the analytical paradigm brought from Europe is excellent at engineering and manipulating raw material into components and integrating those components whole systems to do specific things.

For over 500 years white supremacists have been working to design, hone and refine the system of Native genocide to intentionally and continually reduce the Native populations in the USA and maintain a low population.  In addition to their actions they have shown their intentions with letters, fables, movies, documents and pictures.  The manifest destiny picture below clearly shows their intention of ethnic cleansing, displacing and moving natives off of the land and into the nothingness.  Though they show us on a daily basis what they are doing with micro genocidal acts and messages and people chose to ignore it or participate in it.  

Columbus mass murdering of millions of Natives tells us their intent, Thomas Jefferson's letters regarding extermination of Natives, for the land, tell us their intent.  Andrew Jackson's actions of ethic cleansing tell us their intent, Frank Baum's fable, The Wizard of Oz regarding the extermination of all Natives tells us their intent, their policy of kill the Indian save the man tells us their intent, bounties on Native babies, children, women and elders tells us their intent, Walter Plecker's genocide of Natives in Virginia tells us their intent, the genocidal one drop rule tells us their intent, falsely classifying the most Natives people in the USA as Hispanic and Latino illegal aliens tells their intent, thousands of Native babies in cages tells us their intent, the apartheid border keeping Natives out of the USA tells us their intent, the false record keeping regarding Natives by court house clerks, hospitals clerks, coroners tells their intent. The racist behavior of white supremacists as Natives become the majority in the USA with the Maga movement seeking to take their country back tells their intent. The insurrection of Jan 6, 2020 tells us their intent.

From an engineering standpoint the genocidal system for Natives is very capable and coherent. It is a well engineered system just like a car or computer engineered to do a certain thing.  All bases are covered including the components of the system that market this, inheritly genocidal system, as a good, neutral, fair and balanced system.  As Hitler studied the USA system of Native genocide, as a model for his holocaust he studied how White Americans, though committing the greatest genocide in history, was able to convince the world that the USA was the worlds beacon for peace, liberty, justice and democracy.

The system is engineered so well so that virtually no group wants most Natives to be identified as Native. White people don't want natives identifying as Native because it threatens their land claims.  Black people don't want Natives, who currently identify as light skinned Black to identify as Native, because this reduces their population numbers and thus political power.  Natives don't want most Natives to identified as Natives because it pulls financial resources and attention away from the few "recognized" Natives. 

Southern Spanish speaking Natives don't want to identify as Native because they perceive it as lowering their class and status in the world. Natives who identify as light skinned Black because of the one drop rule, don't want to identify as Native because they perceive it as lowering their class and status in the world. The government does not want most Natives identifying as Native because of the momentum of bureaucracy and it challenges white supremacy on Native land.

The media does not want most Natives identified as Native because it offends the "recognized" natives and threatens white domination on Native land. Politicians don't want most Natives identified as Native because it offends their bases and threatens white domination on Native land.  But in the end none of this matters.  The science of chaos theory says in the end, regardless of how much artificial engineering and manipulation, a thing will return to a thing.  And by the end of the century Natives will be the majority in the USA.

duplicate remove -- The state and federal Native recognition systems are one part of a whole system designed to keep the Native population artificially and dishonestly low and thus Natives powerless and landless. It is well documented that it was the overt intentions of pre-1776 white supremacists to exterminate Natives.  Overt and subvert extermination was the intention of the USA after 1776 either though overt murder and violence or via paper genocide, identity genocide, social genocide and today unreasonably stringent recognition systems. Bounties were put on Native men, women and children’s scalps. Kill the Indian save the man was the official policy of the USA.  Today this is still happening as the one drop rule dominates virtually everyone’s thinkingduplicate remove --

One Drop Rule

The one drop rule has exterminated thousands of Yesah Natives. It has been the primary tool used in Virginia to shift Yesah Natives identity from Native to African.  A person who is 99% Yesah native and 1% African was for centuries legally only classified as only African.  The one drop rule dates all of the way back to 1662.  Over the centuries this legal classification, as planned by white supremacists, has become entrenched in the consciousness of virtually all Americans. A person who is 99% Yesah Native is almost universally identified as light skinned African by most people in Virginia and the USA.. With Yesah Natives and Africans mixing on and off of plantations in Virginia and elsewhere, it is a system intentionally designed to continually reduce the Yesah Natives population and Yesah Native DNA towards exterminate continually reduce the Native population. 

Looking at the history of the past decades and centuries people classified as African will tend to marry others classified as African.  Thus communities who are primarily Native, if classified African long enough, will tend to marry African generation after generation, producing off spring, and the end result is watering down of Native DNA and extermination of Natives and Native communities or at best a dramatic decline in the Native population.  And this is exactly what those like Thomas Jefferson and Walter Pleckler planned with the breeding of Natives out of existence.  

Today virtually everyone accepts the one drop rule as reality but we have been brainwashed.  We see something directly in front of us but we have been manipulated to see something else.  We have been tricked into seeing Natives as Africans. The classification of a person who is 1% African and 99% Native, who is ONLY identified as African, is 99% a white supremacist lie.  The ladies below are Native, for all intents and purposes, but the vast majority of people in the USA will classify them as light skinned African, even if they were born on a Native reservation and come from mostly a Native family.  This is genocide, erasure and white supremacy with evil intent of theft.  

People's minds have been so washed that they have lost perspective and therefore we need to set the record straight. If you are African American then this means you are African.  Below is what Africans look like.  

Below is what Native Americans look like this. It is an established fact that long thick black or very dark brown straight hair is a definite phenotype of Native people continent wide and critical component of many Native cultures. 

There were no Africans transported to the USA who look like the ladies above with hair like this.  And White and Black mixed people do not have hair like the ladies directly above.  The long, thick, straight, black hair in the first picture is Native phenotype just like the pictures immediately above and below.

Thus when we see the people in the picture below being classified, via the one drop rule, as only African it is absolute proof of erasure of Natives with the  intention of genocide.  And white supremacist have been very clear in their motives to genocide Native so that Native land is free to be stolen by white supremacists.

And in order to continue perpetuating a genocide against Natives white supremacists convinced virtually everyone that the people in the picture  above are unquestionably and immediately are seen as only African American.

The thing that is absolute blatant racism is that it was and is acceptable to be mixed white and Native and be Native but one could not be mixed African and Native and be Native. If one was African and Native one was just African, One has to deny ones African ancestry in order to be Native.  From a logical or scientific perspective mixing races is mixing races.  It does not matter from a logical perspective if one is mixed with white or black or Asian.  Thus tens of thousands of Yesah Natives or Native descendants in the state of Virginia socially and legally are identified only as Black due to the genocidal one drop rule.  This was and today is a direct attack on the Yesah Natives and Native descendants of Virginia, whose territory covers the majority of the state of Virginia and therefore make up the Majority or Natives of Native descendants in the state of Virginia.

Below is an article regarding African Americans, from Mecklenburg County Virginia, who served in World War II.  General Cannon, pictured below, is listed as an African American from Mecklenburg this article.

But his phenotype is not that of an African. His hair is not that of an African.  He is from the same well know Native family in Bracey that includes other documented Natives such as  Eola Valentine pictured below.  He is obviously not African nor is Eola yet the both are listed as such and nearly universally considered African by everyone who would encounter them in the USA.

Below is a picture of an African man.  Look at the difference in facial features and hair.  White supremacist will have us believing that orange is blue and blue is orange and right is wrong and wrong is right.  There was a time, when we were being held hostage and at gun point, that we had no choice but to accept whatever white supremacists lies were being told to us.  But now as free thinking human why are we still thinking as slaves and accepting the white supremacists tricks, lies and cons that are being fed to us. 

General Cannon is no more African than the African than Eola Valentine is a frog.  And we can look with our eyes and she that she is not a frog.  We don't need a DNA test or a birth certificate nor a court record to tell us that she is not a frog.  The preponderance of the empirical evidence tells us that she is not a frog and tells us that both of these people are Native.  But again the intent of the white supremacists who perpetrated this con is land theft and permanent possession of stolen Native land.  Since if there are no more Natives the land is free and clear for white supremacists to possess indefinitely.  It is time to break the metal chains of slavery that that have our minds locked.

For people who say but what if the Natives above desire identifying as African. That is the whole point. After centuries of forced segregation neither Black nor White people wanted integration. 

Brainwashing is real and it is not just with South Eastern Natives.  If you poll 1,000 random Mexicans you will likely find close to zero percent that will freely admit that they are Native.  And this video shows Native people in denial of their true identity though though it is engraved in their faces each time the look in the mirror.  And as the picture below shows there is absolutely zero different in typical Mexicans and USA natives phenotype and they are still eating their native food and still speaking much of their native language embedded in the Mexican Spanish language. We have asked hundreds of people to tell us which people in the photo are Native and which are Hispanic and none have gotten it correct to date.  This is because there is no difference. 


Racist systems established to mentally entrap people do not voluntarily disappear.  There must be intentional effort dictated from some place of authority to explode these entrenched racist system. Paradigms are very strong and when seeing from one paradigm evidence from another paradigm can literally physiological be invisible (Kuhns 1964).   In 1964 the USA federal government gave everyone in the South the right to go to the white school or the colored school.  In Barry Carter's home, out of hundreds of people only Barry and his brother, attended the white school.  It was not until 1969 when the government forced the racist segregation system to end with full integration, that people actually integrated.

These people have 1 drop.



Genociding Natives via Slavery

From 1601 to 1865 it was a frequent occurrence for Natives to be illegally held in bondage as slaves.  With the majority of the state of Virginia being Yesah territory the majority of these victims were likely Yesah Natives.  The large number of lawsuits in Virginia of Natives suing for freedom, shown here, is proof of this widespread practice.  And without a doubt only a small fraction of these cases ever made it to court.  Of the 550,000 people of color held in bondage in the 1800s 25,000 to 50,000 or more could have been Yesah Natives or mixed Yesah Natives.  

There were 600 Natives at the Saponi Reservation.  If 100 of these people stayed in Virginia at the closing of the reservation and 50 of these people were of child bearing years making 25 couples, and each of the 25 people produced four children, by 1812 this would be over 25,000 Natives or mixed Native depending upon how much mixing with other races occurred.  

This is just for purposes of estimating. However, no matter how it is done and what givens are use, the numbers end up very large.  After the reservation closed we assume that the people who remained in VA found stable situations either being sponsored by and living on or near one of the plantations of one of the former rangers from the Fort and being sponsored by this ranger, or as a slave on a plantation or making babies with the plantation owner such as Yesah Matilda Barner and Winfield Phipps, or became the spouse of a white person such as Yesah Native Polly Jackson living with Fred Green on the reservation land. It is also assumed that the reign of smallpox had run its course from 1492 to 1712.  It is also assumed that the 50 natives found stable situations where one can raise children.  We know our ancestors in Greentown were having families of 8 to 10 children as a norm in the 1800s. So the assumption of four children is a conservative number.  .. 

We also know that white supremacists can calculate and they also could calculate these the numbers above in 1720 and could .  So how do you engineer a system to eliminate this threat.  There were some like Frank Baum who advocated exterminating the few remaining Natives to ensure this would never be a threat

". . . the nobility of the Redskin is extinguished, and what few are left are a pack of whining curs who lick the hand that smites them. The Whites, by law of conquest, by justice of civilization, are masters of the American continent, and the best safety of the frontier settlements will be secured by the total annihilation of the few remaining Indians. Why not annihilation? Their glory has fled, their spirit broken, their manhood effaced; better that they die than live the miserable wretches that they are. History would forget these latter despicable beings, and speak, in later ages of the glory of these grand Kings of forest and plain that Cooper loved to heroism. . . We cannot honestly regret their extermination, but we at least do justice to the manly characteristics possessed, according to their lights and education, by the early Redskins of America."

However, not all white supremacists were and are a monolith. Some such as 1700 Indian traders helped Native communities develop on or near property they owned so that they had free or cheap labor.  Others used Yesah Natives as slaves and therefore it was in their self interest to keep them alive, while others took Natives spouses.  And we know that the strategy of the one drop rule won out as the primary method of genocide and population control because it is still with us today operating as it has for hundreds of years.

Thus we are looking at the potential of 25,000 to 50,000 Yesah Native slaves illegally held in bondage in Virginia during the 1800s against Virginia law.  This there white people were highly motivated to ensure that these people were identified only as Black and not Native.  .

We know that the number of lawsuits brought by Natives for false imprisonment was low relative to the told population of Yesah Native slaves because of the nature of who held power at the time.  With white people holding absolute power over their "slaves" it would have to be a very unique situation where a Native gets the confidence to challenge his "master" in court.  You are living on the plantation with this man who has the power to whip you to near death or kill you with no consequences.  A Native would have to be in a unique position with some protections from some where to have the confidence to openly sue his "master" in court. 

By the 1800's Yesah Native were a minority on plantations even if our numbers were 25,000 to 50,000 compared to 500,000 African slaves.  Humans bond, ally and connect with the people that the associate with. Thus Natives on plantations with Africans are going to naturally connect, form deep relationships and have sex, make babies, marry one another. And from the day you arrive at the plantations your race is changed to Negro since it is illegal for the plantation owner to have Native slaves in the 1800's.

Over time it will be natural for these minority Natives, on plantations, to eventually be absorbed into the African population from an identity, social and DNA perspective. Thus the act of kidnapping Natives and placing them on plantations was an act of genocide and if done to thousands of Yesah Natives in Virginia the  result is a mass genocide over time.

Though one can dramatically reduce a population it is very difficult to completely exterminate DNA of a group.  Nature has it survival mechanisms and no matter how how white supremacists tried the DNA survives as is apparent on our phenotype page.

The Effects of Paper and Identity Genocide on Yesah People in Virginia

In 1492 there were an estimated two million Yesah Natives in current day Virginia based upon Bartolomé de las Casas first hand accounts and estimates.  By 1601, at the founding of Jamestown, the number was down to an estimated 6,000.  By 1713, and the creation of our reservation, we were down to an estimated 600.  We were literally going extinct. In the 1500 and 1600 hundreds, as our population plummeted, and more Whites and Africans arrived, our Yesah Saponi people developed the norm of only marrying other Natives, in order to prevent from going extinct. 

This norm strengthened in the 1700s and 1800s in Greentown and other Yesah isolate Native communities.  The norm was so strong, as our population declined, that it became a norm for cousins to marry cousins—Eleanor Travis of Greentown said our people called it "keeping the blood thick".  What blood?  Native blood.  And this was common in all Native isolate communities.  In some cases, the choices were incest or extinction.  We had a plan and a norm that had lasted from 1492 to 1900 of our people marrying people who looked like themselves—other Natives.

However, white supremacists had other plans.  They planned for and manipulated tens of thousands of Natives into breeding themselves out of existence and in the last few decades most Natives in Virginia followed their plan and became Native descendants as opposed to Natives.

Many Yesah Natives survived the extermination efforts though the 1500 and 1600 hundred of violence and mass murder.  Many had survived slavery and one drop rule genocide efforts of the 1700s and 1800's. The 1900s brought a new set of extermination challenges though they were an outgrowth of the practices of the past.  By 1900 most Yesah Natives were classified by the state of Virginia as Mulatto.  And many lived in isolate communities like Greentown. 

In the past 125 years many Yesah Natives and Native families in Virginia have followed the planned desires and intentions of white supremacists and literally bred their Native families out of existence. 

 As an example the 1920 census shows 95% of the Greentown to be Mulatto which, for much of the Virginia population means Native.  At that point it was still the norm in a community like Greentown to marry others that looked Native like themselves.  Then Walter Pleckler’s, (Va Registrar of Vital Records), eugenics movement caught on and in 1930 census takers documented the exact same people in Greentown as Negro. And some of these people, such as Bulah Travis, were zero percent Negro.  Because of this false record keeping, and other manipulations such as the one drop rule, and bias and violence against Natives east of the Mississippi and the shaming that came with being associated with being Native, most Yesah Natives in Greentown and other communities believed or accepted that they were only African and married this way and produced children accordingly and within two generations 90% of the people from Greentown could be classified as only as African from any reasonable empirical perspective, based upon the empirical evidence. 

This exactly same situation has been repeated in hundreds of Yesah families throughout Virginia since the 1900s

A 400 year old norm of Natives marrying Natives, to prevent extinction, had shattered by the likes of Pleckler, Jefferson and other white supremacists who planned and manipulated our Yesah people into near self-extermination. As stated many times before, on this website, white people's motivations for this manipulation and genocide was and is maintaining possession of stolen Native land. 

Why is this so important?  Because what is at stake is 25% of the worlds land mass and wealth.  This is what was stolen from Natives by nearly exterminating the Native population on the America continent.  In Virginia millions of Yesah Native acres are at stake.  Who is their right mind, without cohesion or manipulation, freely gives away billions of dollars of property?  By self-exterminating this is exactly what is being freely given away by Natives for nothing in return. Yesah Native land will always be in play and will never be settled as long as there are Yesah Natives.

The Logic and Science of Self-Extermination at the Behest of White Supremacists

It is a fact of the universe that one cannot indefinitely mix anything and still be considered the original thing.  For example take a half glass of muddy water and pour it into an empty glass and pour in a half glass of clean water.  You still have muddy water. If you then take this half glass muddy/clean water and pour into a new glass half way and pour the other half with clean water you still have muddy water.  But if I repeat this 10, 20, 30, 40 times eventually one has clean water that anyone would drink and consider clean by any reasonable definition. 

At some point after many generations of mixing clean and muddy water there is so little muddy water left that the glass can no longer be classified as muddy water by any reasonable definition but can be considered a descendant of muddy water.  Applying the same logic and rules of empirical evident that we examined in the phenotype document and the YSDA document regarding empirical evidence, we must apply the same rules here. 

What does the empirical evidence of the five senses show.  If reasonable evidence of the five sense shows there to be a glass of muddy water then it is muddy water.  If reasonable evidence of the five senses shows that it is clean water then it is clean water.

If you went onto a Native reservation and told a group of Natives you were Native and a member of XYZ tribe and the Natives looked at you cross-eyed and skeptical and unaccepting, but you know that you have Native ancestry, then likely you are a Native descendant.  If you went onto the same reservation, not claiming to be Native, but claiming to be a Native descendent and these same people accepted that then likely you are a native descendent. This is a simple way of determining Native versus Native descendent.  As in a court of law the jury would be the people on the Native reservation. If one is claiming to be Native there must be some reasonable evidence to support this philogically or otherwise.

Does this sound unfair to people who desperately want to be Native because they have some Native ancestry?  Perhaps and to many it may feel unfair, but we cannot change the reality of the worldview and rules of the systems of reality that we live within, for this one thing, breaking the rules that are used in all other aspects of life.  To be fair to all we must use the same rules that apply to all aspects of life regardless of personal desires. If Native descendants desire being Native then marry Native spouses and have Native babies.  

Again we MUST use the same rules that apply to ALL other aspects of life and not invent some new rules because of white supremacy, or politics, or political correctness or bias or wishful thinking pushes us otherwise.  “My grandmother was a Cherokee princess 500 years ago therefore I am Native”, although I look like I just stepped off of a boat from Ireland.

There are tens of thousands of people in Virginia who based upon the rules of empirical evidence, at this point only qualify as Yesah Native descendant, due to self-extermination from the engineered genocidal systems of white supremacists.  Yes nobody put a gun to their heads and forced them to marry outside of the Native race, but forces, social pressures, social conditioning, hostile situations, situations of convivences all put in place by white supremacists leaving our Native ancestors moved them in this direction.

The fact that we see the self-extermination of 80 to 90% of Natives within extended Native families in Virginia in the past 100 to 150 years. In other words if you take a community such as Greentown and look at the racial make up in 1875 where 90% of the population was Native based upon phenotype and within two generations 80 to 90% are African and this has happened in almost all Native communities in Virginia, it is impossible that this just happened by accident.   That does not just happen on its own with a system moving things in that direction.

In herding horses one leaves a gate open and then applies pressure from various directions with various non-physical means to encourage the horses to move in the direction of the gate.  Many times one uses a bucket of molasse ladened horse feed. The two combined create a complete system, There is pressure from behind pushing the horse towards the gate while a sweet treat placed in front pulling the horse through the gate.  When the horse goes through the gate one could claim, we did not force the horse to go through the gate because nobody laid a hand or whip on the horse.  The reality is that the system will get the horse to go through the gate 99% of the time.  

Ending the Genocide

The only action to end the Yesah genocide in Virginia is for Yesah Natives or descendants to begin marrying Natives and thus producing Native babies, as our ancestors did for hundreds of years,  to prevent extinction.  Therefore it is the official policy of the Occoneechee-Saponi-Totaro Tribe of the Saponi Reservation that all members of the tribe to marry only Native spouses in order to maintain membership in the tribe.  And the determination of Native verse Native Descendant is 100% based upon phenotype as described in on this website primarily here.


Native Tribes Embrace Reduced Native Population

  Natives don't want Natives to identify as Natives because it pulls financial resources and attention away from the few "recognized" Natives. 

The definition of insanity is working againts your own people's survival and self-interest.  But this is exactly what the white supremacist system has accomplished in Native America.  Federally recognized tribes fight very hard to keep state recognized tribes from getting federal recognition and state recognized trivbes firght very hard to prevent families and groups from getting state recognition.
The white supremacists have even manipulated Native tribes into also working to keep the Native population low.  Many tribes today do not acknowledge other non-state or federal recognized Natives in their states because government programs require limited funds to be shared among all recognized tribes.  Thus, most tribe’s motivation is to deny other Natives or Native descendants their full identity. 
This thinking is short sighted and serves white supremacy and white domination on Native land, because it keeps the Native population artificially and untruthfully low.  In a majority rule democracy a group’s power is determined by the size of one’s population.  So it is not in Natives long term and broader best interest to suppress the Native population.  This is important because before the turn of the century Natives will be the majority in the USA and thus through majority rule democracy we Natives can have the opportunity to re-acquire the full table and stop fighting over crumbs from the table.
So rather than focus narrowly on crumbs for the OSTV tribe, while locking all others out and fighting to keep them out, the OSTV tribe is focused on an honest assessment of Virginia Yesah Native descendants via the Yesah-Saponi Descendants Association.  Thus our motivation is to acknowledge and recognize all Virginia POC with “reasonable” evidence of having Yesah Saponi ancestry. 
We refuse to play the game only by rules established by white supremacists with the intention of keeping Natives and Native descendants powerless and fighting among ourselves in our own homeland.  What has been the white supremacists motivation?  If there are no more Natives or a few powerless Natives then by default White people have clear permanently title to Native land indefinitely.


  1.  White people and Gov:
  2. White people don't want natives identifying as Native because it threatens their land claims. 
  3. The politicians don't want most Natives identified as Native because it offends their bases. 
  4. The government does not want Natives identifying as Native because of the momentum of bureaucracy and it challenges white supremacy on Native land.
  5. The media does not want to identify Natives as Native because it will offend the "recognized" natives
    1. A Spanish speaking Native is not seen as Native but as “Hispanic” or “Latino”.  None of this is an accident.

Hospital story here

The nurse at the Farmville Hospital in 2015 tried really hard and argued for documenting my daughter as Hispanic when my wife put down Native American.  It is all intentional continued identity genocide and it allows Native babies to be put into cages, native families to be permanently separated, natives to be put in concentration camps at the southern apartheid border and it allows the rape and impregnation of thousands of underage Native girls in these concentration camps, all with zero consequences for the supporters of this white supremacy.

FPC book in meck

The genocide continues today as records are intentionally changed and recorded incorrectly and as people follow the entrenched one drop rule socialization and brainwashing.

Black People Resist Natives on the East Coast from Being Reclassified from Light Skinned Black people to Natives.

 Black people don't want Natives, who currently identify as Black to identify as Native, because this reduces their population numbers and thus political power.

Southern Natives Resist being Classified as Natives

Southern Natives don't want to identify as Native because they perceive it as lowering their class and status in the world.

Southern Natives from identified Native Communities Resist Southern Natives from outside of these communities from being Classified as native   

Natives who identify as Black dont want to identify as Native because they perceive it as lowering their class and status in the world.


Hobbyists Natives

Many of our people today are hobbyists Natives.  They may be passionate regarding and/or engaged in pow wows or Native history or Native culture or or Native genealogy or some other aspect of their Native ancestry.  They may have been accepted or received significant recognition in the Native world or some segments of East Coast native communities. They may carry themselves as Native in many ways.

However, the hobbyist Native lacks and real long term plan for their family to reclaim what the white people stole or exterminated. The hobbyist Native accepts current reality as future reality and the way things are today is the way they will be for their children and the future,  The hobbyists lacks seven generations vision, commitment or action. The hobbyist is engaged in the native world primarily for the present.

The number one thing that separates the hobbyist from the committed Native is whether or not they believe and are living and practicing and have their children and grandchildren living and practicing seven generations thinking and behavior.  In other words the committed Native is focused on how his or her actions today will position his descendants seven generations into the future to reclaim everything that was lost.  What are the some of the attributes that make up seven generations thinking and behavior:

  • Actions and plans are focused on geared towards reclaiming and passing on to their children, grand children and descendants all that was lost.
  • These people marry ONLY native spouses and thus have native children
  • These people work towards bringing their family together and live interdependently as much as possible
  • These people are or have polans to relear

What are the attributes of the Native hobbists:

  • Most of these people marry outside of the native race as their tribal population and Native DNA dwindles smaller and smaller with each generation.  


We have examined how the USA systems unjustly identifies Natives as non-natives here and here.  We have shown in detail how and why the white people have sought to exterminate we Natives which includes Yesah people since 1492.  We have examined how phenotype is truly the ultimate evidence in identifying who is Native.  What we have not examined are the limits on the other side.  Just because one has some Yasah Native DNA does that make one Yesah Native or does that make them a Yesah Native descendent?  We will examine this in this document.

We have also not fully explored the long term effects of the paper genocide of on Yesah Natives communities in Virginia.  We will do this in the document.  

The following two paragraphs are from the phenotype page.  If one is biologically connected to someone or a family who undeniably has significant native phenotype and a preponderance of the empirical  evidence shows them to be Native, then this make you at a minimum a "Native descendent" regardless of how you look or how little Native DNA you have."  This being said, using the same rules of empirical evidence as  stated in the we must be consistent and understand there are limits to who can be considered Native and there is a difference in being Native and a Native descendant as explored here.  Some groups and tribes today seeking some form of recognition are actually Native descendants based upon the rules of preponderance of the empirical  evidence.  

And likewise some tribes today who have received government recognition for all intents and purposes are not Native but are Native descendants. If your family  can operate in the world and get all of the perks and white privilege of being white because you look 100% white and if you have Native Ancestry then for all intents and purposes you are white and therefore a Native descendant. Again the case for this is made in far more detail here.